Nicktane Remote Auxiliary Fuel/Water Separator Kit For GM Duramax Diesel 2001-Up

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Nicktane Remote Auxiliary Fuel/Water Seperator Kit For GM Duramax Diesel 2001-Up

This Nicktane Diesel remote filter kit can be used as an additional remote fuel filter or water seperator. For the discerning GM Duramax Diesel owner looking to get the best filtration on the fuel very finicky Duramax common rail fuel system, Nicktane Diesel has just what you need. The Nicktane auxiliary fuel filter kit comes with the large Cat 1R-0749 2 micron fuel filter or Donaldson 553207 water seperator filter standard. Add the Donaldson clear bowl toy your Donaldson 553207 filter to see if you have water needing to be drained out.

Nicktane Diesel now offers options to use the Donaldson 553203 and 553207 3 micron water seperator filters to turn the auxiliary kit into a water seperator system as a pre filter for the Nicktane cat adaptor using Cat 2 micron filters use the auxiliray kit with the factory fuel filter. The Duramax Diesel Engine uses a high pressure Bosch common-rail fuel injection system. This system is very sensitive to contaminants, which is why this auxiliary kit is so important to prolong the life of the injectors and injection system. The oem filter has been shown to be somewhere around 50% efficient at filtering in the 7 micron size. According to a research study conducted by Cat, The 7 micron particle has been shown to be the cause of accelerated fuel pump and injector wear. Cat Filters are manufactured to the highest level of quality in a plant specifically designed to produce "zero tolerance" filters. Seperate brackets for long or short bed for perfect fitment and installation.

Use drop down menu to choose long or short bed with your purchase.

Kit includes:

  • CNC Machined Billet Filter Head
  • 1 Cat 1R-0749 or Donaldson P553207 Filter
  • CNC Cut 3/16 Steel Mounting Bracket & Debris deflector
  • All Fuel Lines
  • All Fittings
  • All Clamps
  • Full Color Directions


  • Made 100% in the USA
  • 99% Efficient at removing particles in the 2-15 micron range (OEM about 60% Efficient)
  • Cleans fuel better than any secondary fuel filter kit on the market
  • Easy filter changes
  • Easy Installation
  • 1 Piece CNC Cut 3/16 steel/powder coated mounting bracket with integrated filter guard on front side of filter
  • Stainless Steel mounting hardware
  • Bio-Diesel B100 Compatable 
  • Limited 1 Year Factory Warranty  
  • Prolongs injection system life
  • Complete color directions


Auxiliary Bracket with Annodized filter head installed Auxiliary Kit with Donaldson Water Seperator Filter Auxiliary Kit with Cat 1R-0749 2 Micron Fuel Filter
Billet Machined and Annodized Filter Head  Annodized Filter Head Billet Annodized Filter Head


Product Code: NIC-AUXKIT


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