Racor PFF50216 Coalescer Fuel Filter Duramax

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Product Information

 Racor PFF50216 Coalescer Fuel Filter For GM Duramax Diesel Engines 2001-Present 

The newest fuel filter for the 2001-Present Duramax Engines is the Racor PFF50216. Racor makes the AC/Delco filter (TP3012) for GM but you can get it here for much cheaper than any dealer will sell it to you. Most GM/Chevy dealers are selling the same filter packaged as the AC/Delco TP3012 for 64.00 or more each.  Even Rock Auto Discount Auto Parts online sells them for 48.79. We sell them for 38.99. There are vendors that sell them for 27.95 each but then rape you on shipping. If you purchase 150.00 or more you get free shipping.

The Problem   

Non-OEM tested "will-fit" replacement fuel filter reproductions do not offer proven real world engine protection. "Will-fit" fuel filters using only paper pleats have lower performance in low quality and biodiesel fuels.

The Solution

Racor’s genuine high-efficiency long-life "depth coalescing media" replacement fuel filter. The PFF50216 has been tested to OEM standards for life, efficiency, water removal, and is now standard and backward compatible on all GM Duramax engine applications. The coalescing filter system inside has up to twice the life and improved water removal in all blends and types of diesel fuel when compared to other paper media filters.  

Features and Benefits

Uses Racor developed Aquabloc®II fuel filter media system solutions

• OEM tested and proven coalescing fuel filter, direct replacement

• Up to twice the life of standard media filters for reduced maintenance costs

• Backward compatible with all Duramax fuel filter applications

• Primary depth coalescer followed by a secondary polishing filter provides the highest water and particle removal efficiency available in a diesel fuel filter.




Fits Model Years

2001 - Up

Maximum Flow Rate

50 GPH (189 LPH)

Maximum Working Pressure

30 PSI (2.07 bar)

Micron Rating

4 Micron (nominal)

Center Threads

3/8"-8 Buttress

Water Removal Efficiency


Operating Temperature

-50° to +225°F (-46 to +107°C)


How It Works

Racor’s PFF50216 is a genuine direct replacement coalescing fuel filter for the GM Duramax engine.

The Racor coalescer fuel filter system contains a primary coalescing and a secondary polishing stage. The coalescing stage has multiple layers of specialized media that traps dirt and extracts finely dispersed water out of diesel fuel.

The secondary filter strips away remaining water and polishes the fuel.

The Racor coalescer system provides up to twice the life when compared to standard pleated media filters.

The unique can design is proven to resist impact and seal deformation, "will-fit" reproductions may use a different, unproven design. 

Product Code: PFF50216


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