Cat 1R-0751 2 Micron Replacement for the Air Dog Fuel Filter found on AD Lift Pumps

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Cat 1R-0751 2 Micron Replacement* for the Air Dog Fuel Filter found on AD Lift Pumps

This Cat filter is a 2 Micron direct replacement* for the Air Dog fuel filter found on the Aid Dog Lift Pump systems. This is an Air Dog approved replacement aftermarket filter. Some modifications required*.


* To make this filter work you may need to dremel the corners of the bracket or loosen and adjust bracket out of the way of the filter. The Cat filter is larger in diameter than the Air Dog Filter which is the reason for this modification. You must also remove the plastic flow directors on the pump base for this to work properly.

Cat 1R-0751 compared to AIr Dog Cat 1R-0751 Installed On AD Pump


Product Code: Cat-1R-0751

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