Cat 1R-0749 Long 2 Micron Fuel Filter

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Product Information

Cat 1R-0749 2 Micron Fuel Filter


The Cat 1R-0749 2 Micron fuel filter is a longer version of the Cat 1R-0750 with the same 1-14 thread pitch. This will work on the Volkswagon TDI and is popular with aftermarket adaptors for many of todays modern diesel pickups such as the GM Duramax, Dodge Cummins diesel engines. The Cat 1R-0749 filters down to 2 micron absolute which will help protect your injection system and the injectors which are very expensive on your Diesel Pickup. Many of todays injectors are 450.00 and more per injector so it makes sense to have the best filtration possible for the longevity of your investment.

Will work with the Nicktane, and other adaptors as well with the 1-14 thread pitch that are designed to accept the Cat 1R-0750/1R-0749 and like filters that cross reference to the Cat such as the Baldwin BF7637.



Product Code: CAT-1R-0749


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