PPE Performance Allison Transmission Cooler

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PPE Performance Allison Transmission Cooler For Duramax Trucks

Keep your Transmission cool with PPE's Performance Transmission Cooler. This cooler will drop your operating temps by 20-30 degrees. This is a bolt on replacment cooler with 60% increase in heat rejection surface. Installation time is approx 30 minutes. Available for the 2001-2010 Duramax Diesel engines. If you tow an RV trailer and have to climb grades you know the transmission temps can climb to 240 and more. Temperatures over 240* F are the point that conventional fluid strarts to break down. This cooler will keep that from happening.

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 Connections are different so year selection is critical when ordering this item. 01-05 Check your clips before ordering! Your choices are:

  • 01-03 with Orange Clips
  • 03-05 with Purple Clips
  • 06-10 All Years Same Connections


Product Code: TGCOOL0105


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