Allison 1000 Deep Pan Replacment Filter Made by Filtran

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Product Information

 Allison 1000/2000 Deep Pan Internal Replacment Filter Made By Filtran

This part is made by Filtran the same company that makes the Genuine Allison filter for Allison.  If you have an aftermarket deep pan such as the Allison Stamped Steel pan (Allison Deep Pan Part number 29536522) or a Mag-Hytec Deep Pan (Part #A1000) PPE Deep Pan (Part #1280510) or a Kodiak or Top Kick with the Allison 1000 transmission this filter is the replacment for your application. The Allison internal filters were redesigned recently and have new part numbers. The newely redesigned Allison filters may not work with a Sun Coast Filter lock if you already have one installed in your truck. This Filtran filter will work with the Sun Coast filter lock.

Order a Sun Coast Filter Loc to insure your deep pan filter will not slide down causing cavatation or slide out completely causing complete transmission failure. The Sun Coast deep filter lock is cheap insurance for a $15,000 transmission in your $50,000 dollar truck.

Product Code: ALFTDFIL


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